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Here at the Transport Schemes and Policy website we are determined to ensure that people who understand the importance of an efficient and fully operational transport infrastructure in this country actually is, can come to our site and find all the information they want, all the political updates pertaining to transport, and all the new schemes being undertaken. If there is a major roadwork initiative in your local area, find out about it here first, and plan your way around it. Let us know if there is anything on the subject of Transport Schemes and Policy that you think we haven’t covered.

We are supporting a campaign to make sure that people take care of their car batteries. A flat battery is often the cause of people having to be towed from somewhere after being stranded. Make sure your garage check it and maintain it on a regular basis, and make sure you replace it when it needs replacing, usually after 5 years. Click here to buy a new car battery on this simple to use site, just follow the instructions on screen to enter your car details, and your new car battery will be sent to you next day.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Mersey Crossing website.

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